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Why Professionals Choose Neco Fire Products

At Neco, our number one priority is to ensure that all our product range surpasses the most stringent standards demanded by all fire safety professionals. Thus our product range complies with all international directives on smoke and fire containment.

Smoke and fire containment requires a high level of co-operation, planning and expertise from engineers, architects, fire officers and many facets of local authority departments and from producers of smoke and fire curtains. At Neco we ensure that we meet best practice demanded by our partners from the specification stage of a project through to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Developers, building contractors, specialist installers, facilities managers and shutter specialists all now carry additional responsibilities to guarantee personal safety in the event of a fire. This means that all building works carried out from this time must be assessed for fire risk and ensure that a complete SHEVS (Smoke, Heat, Exhaust Ventilation System) has been professionally designed and installed. These industries rely on their professional advisors to ensure their projects are fully compliant: the professional advisors rely on Neco.


The Complete Package

Smoke & Fire Curtains

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