Active Smoke Curtains

NECO Fire Gard Active Smoke Curtains are most commonly found in large retail and leisure outlets.

Often, they’re incorporated into complex fire and smoke systems.

Active smoke curtains are designed to trap smoke and minimise the risk of smoke inhalation ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the general public for up to 1 hour.

Standard Features

Battery Back-up: If the power supply fails, operation is maintained for up to 96 hours until power restoration. If the power is not restored, the curtain will gravity fall to its active position, alerting the user of the power failure.

Auto Return Reset: When the fire alarm is activated, the curtains complete their closing procedure and reach their set position. They will remain in this position whilst the alarm remains activated. Once the fire alarm has been reset, the curtains will automatically return to the open position. This is crucial when multiple smoke curtains are installed on one site, meaning all smoke curtains will return to the open position. This also means that all smoke curtains do not need to be raised.

Volt Free Fire Alarm Connection: The NECO Fire Gard Fire Control Panel can receive a volt free fire alarm signal. This can be either normally open or normally closed.

Building Management System: The panel allows you to connect the smoke curtains to the building management system, this will allow a person in a control room or designated area to see the position of all installed smoke curtains. For example, if the fire alarm is activated, an individual can tell if all smoke curtains have descended without having to walk around the building and check.

Gravity Fail Safe: All smoke curtains will fall to their active position if both the power fails and the battery back up system depletes.

Download a Brochure

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Further Information

If you wish to find out more about NECO Fire Gard smoke curtains, please contact us on 02920 666452 to talk to a member of staff.