Industrial Fire Rated Roller Shutters

NECO Fire Gard Fire Rated Roller Shutters are used in premises where fire protection and security are of paramount importance.

NECO Fire Gard Fire Rated Roller Shutters are made to order, can offer up to 4 hours protection and are available in a wide range of powder coated colours.


There are 2 types of operation:

  • Self Coiling: operates in a push up and pull down manner, with additional safety features
  • Electric Operated: operates using a fire motor unit, both single and 3-Phase.

Fusible Link: This is the most cost effective option. The door is activated independently when the heat around the link reaches approximately 75 ºC. (N.B It wont be triggered by smoke.)

Auto-Solenoid: The electrically operated fire roller shutter systems solenoid when initiated by a 24 volt DC 5 amp supply starts closing the shutter at a controlled rate. The resetting solenoids mean that there is no need for expensive call out charges after fire tests or false alarms.

Controlled Descent:  All NECO Fire Gard Roller Shutters have some means of controlled descent. On the self coiling and chain operated fire roller shutter a drop bar weight combined with a braking system is used.

Also available is our Audio/Visual Panel that can be fitted to the motor unit. This provides the option of delay before descent, split drop delay, audible warning, visual flashing sign and volt-free fire signal.

Download Product Specification

Download the product specification for Industrial Fire Rated Roller Shutters.

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