British Standards require a smoke or fire curtain to remain in place and intact [in its operational position], when tested for a minimum period of 30 minutes at 620oC.

NECO Fire Gard Smoke and Fire Curtain manufactured using Neco 240+ Fabric exceed this requirement and will remain in place and intact for 251 minutes at temperatures up to and above 1000oC.

System Requirements

The automatic curtain power requires a maintained 240 volt, 5 amp fused spur within 1 metre of the panel position.


The construction and testing from Exova Warringtonfire allows NECO Fire Gard to produce a standard fire curtain up to 30 metres wide x 8 metres high. Larger fire curtains [up to 50 metres wide x 10 metres high] require a separate assessment from Exova Warringtonfire.

Further Information

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