Smoke Curtains

Effective smoke ventilation ensures the safety of personnel and the general public.

NECO Fire Gard active and static smoke curtains restrict the spread of smoke and hot gases along the underside of a roof, ceiling or balcony by creating smoke reservoirs which enables smoke and hot gases to be extracted.

Active and static smoke curtains can be used as a standalone smoke solution or incorporated into a complex smoke, heat, exhaust and ventilation system.

Benefits of the NECO Fire Gard smoke curtains

• Intelligent gravity fail-safe system
• Aesthetically neutral solution
• Low running & maintenance costs
• Ensures escape & rescue routes are smoke-free during an evacuation
• Lightweight & easy to install
• Designed to be integrated into smoke, heat & exhaust ventilation systems
• Available with or without side guides
• Prevents flashover when used with smoke & heat release vents.

NECO Fire Gard smoke curtains are rigorously tested against and comply with all relevant UK, European and International safety standards for fire resistance and maximum deflection.

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