Tubular Motor Fire Rated Roller Shutters

This type of fire rated shutter is most commonly found in non-industrial applications.

For example, kitchen servery hatches, small to medium pedestrian openings and various applications where both fire protection and security are of paramount importance.

They can be operated using the NECO DC Fire Control Panel and offering fire protection for either:-

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours

The tubular motor fire rated shutters are available in a wide range of powder coated colours, to blend in with any site surroundings.

Standard Features of the NECO Fire Gard Tubular Motor Fire Shutter

Battery Back-Up: All NECO Fire Gard fire rated shutters are fitted with a battery back-up facility. If the power supply fails, the in-built battery back-up system maintains operation of the shutter for up to 96 hours or until the power is restored. If the power isn’t restored, the shutter will gravity fall to its fire-ready position alerting the user of the power failing problem.

Audio Visual: (If required), an audio siren and flashing beacon can be installed which alerts people both audibly and visually that the fire shutter is about to close.

Delay Before Descent: If the fire alarm is activated,  the fire shutters can delay its descent for up to 16 minutes allowing safe building evacuation. After a set period of time, the fire shutter will automatically close giving full fire protection.

Auto Return Reset: If the fire alarm goes off and the shutter reaches the floor, the fire shutter will remain in this position whilst the alarm remains activated. Once the fire alarm has been reset, the shutter will automatically open.

This feature is useful when multiple shutters are installed on one site. All the shutters can return to the open position without the need to be be raised by an individual.

Emergency Retract: If the fire shutter is activated and descends to the floor, the emergency retract switch enables the fire shutter to be open enabling anyone trapped to escape. Within a set period of time, the fire shutter will once again descend giving full fire protection.

Double Knock Fire Activation: If the fire alarm is activated, the fire shutter will descend to the split drop delay position and act as a smoke barrier. The fire shutter will only fully descend to the floor once a second signal is received, either from a second fire signal or a stand-alone relay based smoke or heat detector.

Deadman & Auto Operation: The Fire Control Panel can be placed in automatic operation up and automatic operation down or automatic operation up and deadman down depending upon the specific site requirements.

Volt Free Fire Alarm Connection: The Fire Control Panel can receive a volt free fire alarm signal.

Building Management System: The Fire Control Panel enables the fire shutter to be connected to a building management system. This enables the fire shutters to be monitored and controlled from a control room.

Obstacle Detection: If an object is placed under the shutter the alarm will be activated until the object is removed.

Further Information

If you wish to find out more about NECO Fire Gard fire rated roller shutters, please contact us on +442920 668332 to talk to a member of staff.