Agents and Distributors Wanted!

We are looking for commercial agents and distributors across Europe for our signature product, The NECO 24v DC Tubular Motor.

The motor is used for the operation of fire curtains, smoke curtains, fire shutters and high-usage doors. It is the result after several years of research and development and combining innovative technology whilst abiding to the most stringent fire safety standards.

The NECO 24v DC Tubular Motor features both gravity and non-gravity failsafe technology. Its operation on low voltage and relatively low price make it the most cost-effective and efficient fire safety product on the market.

The motor is sold with The NECO DC Fire Control Panel but can also be sold separately. Multiple motors can be operated simultaneously using the NECO DC Group Controller.

Businesses that currently use fire safety products such as fire curtains, smoke curtains or fire shutters can install the NECO 24v DC Tubular Motor into their existing system.

The NECO 24v DC Tubular Motor

Why choose the NECO Fire Gard 24v DC Tubular Motor?

    • Environmentally Friendly
    • 100% Rated
    • Uses Low Voltage
    • Lifting Capacity of up to 800kg
    • Gravity Fail-Safe feature available on models: DC55G, DC55G-25, DC80G, DC80G-19 & DC95G
    • Suitable For Installations Near Water

Many companies across Europe supplying fire curtains have already come on board with The NECO Fire Gard DC Tubular Motor, stating that NECO Fire Gard’s DC ground-breaking fire safety technology is indisputably the most and efficient and cost-effective system.

Fire safety laws and standards are tightening and products are evolving. Start reaping the benefits from the NECO Fire Gard 24v DC Tubular Motor right now.

If you are interested in purchasing The NECO Fire Gard 24v DC Tubular Motor or becoming an agent or distributor, please contact us:


Tel: +44 (0)2920 668332

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